Species at Risk 2004: Pathways to Recovery title
White-headed Woodpecker
March 2-6, 2004, Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria BC Canada  

Join us at this exciting conference to explore diverse and expanding pathways to recovery. The need and opportunity to secure the future of species and ecosystems at risk has never been greater. Their recovery depends on our capacity to share knowledge, examine successes and challenges, and discover new ways to collaborate and operate.

Species and ecosystems at risk do not recognize political boundaries. Sea Otters occupy marine habitats from Alaska to California, Boreal Caribou range from British Columbia to Labrador, White Sturgeon live in waterways which transcend provincial, state and international boundaries, and Garry Oak Ecosystems occur from the Strait of Georgia in BC to California. However, their fate often rests in our ability to work within ecological frameworks, and therefore their future depends on cooperation across geographical, jurisdictional and organizational boundaries.

At Risk 1999: The Biology and Management of Species and Habitats at Risk in British Columbia Conference laid the foundation for much of our knowledge of species at risk in British Columbia. Since then, advances in science, the commitment to the
Accord for the Protection of the Species at Risk, the passage of the federal Species at Risk Act, and the commitment to the development of a Biodiversity Strategy for British Columbia have focussed attention on the need to address species and ecosystem conservation issues. These issues involve many jurisdictions and require excellent communication and cooperation among conservation partners.

Species At Risk 2004 is being organized as a forum for learning, training, and technology and knowledge transfer between scientists, managers, non-governmental organizations, policymakers, aboriginal peoples, industry, academia, students and other interested individuals in the recovery of species and ecosystems at risk. The conference will be held in the heart of one of Canada's most endangered habitats - the
Garry Oak Ecosystem.

I encourage you to attend, share ideas, learn from others, and to help create a brighter future for species and ecosystems at risk.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Eric C. Lofroth
Species At Risk 2004 Conference

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